Strolling Magic

Tom’s sleight-of-hand style of magic is popular with his clients. He performs this style of magic at receptions, cocktail parties, dinners, tradeshows, open house activities, and other similar events.  In 2002, Tom was offered a full-time position as the “house magician” at a luxury resort in Boca Raton, Florida.  

While in college in 1985, Tom began performing close-up magic in restaurants.  This form of magic – “table hopping” as referred to by magicians – has been a love of Tom’s ever since.  He has been a part of the ambiance of various restaurants in Cincinnati, Evansville, Terre Haute, Dallas, and Knoxville for more than 20 years.  Because of popular “street magicians” like David Blaine and Criss Angel, this style of magic in great demand.

Sometimes it’s best to have a more subtle form of entertainment rather than a stage show.  This is when Tom’s close-up magic is best.  It gets your guests talking and laughing without stopping other activities to watch a “show.”  Tom just mingles with the crowd and starts creating a buzz around the room.  Consider using Tom’s talents:

  • At an open house function at your company for clients or families
  • Before the banquet to set the mood for some fun as guests arrive
  • In a hospitality suite to impress clients
  • During a “casino night” party away from the tables
  • At picnics, festivals, and fairs as a “street magician”


The key to Tom’s act is the way that he interacts with the audience.  He immediately brings down the invisible barrier between the audience and himself so he can relate with the audience & get them having fun.

You are absolutely HILLARIOUS!  Our volunteers are still talking about your performance…and, yes, still laughing!  They are already asking for you to be “reserved” for next year.  Thank you for making our luncheon such a huge success!

Mary Brown

Director Volunteer Services, UT Medical Center