School Shows


With magic as the catalyst to peak student interest, Tom illustrates the responsibilities that we have as good “stewards of the Earth.” This includes teaching about:

  • Animals
  • Drinking water
  • Landfills
  • Recycling

 Students learn about each of these.  And they are informed about the outcomes of their actions today and how it affects our world tomorrow.  They also will hear and see some very positive things they can do to proactively help their community and environment.
While the children enjoy a fun-filled 45-minute program, the teachers smile knowing that their students have had some great lessons about the environment.  Tom truly makes learning fun!


He makes a great emcee for events, he juggles, he writes customized jokesand roasts for clients, and much more!Not only does Tom have a lot of experience doing stage shows for both family and adult/corporate audiences, but he also has a unique brand of strolling entertainment. Since 1985, Tom has performed one or more nights a week in local restaurants wherever he lived.  Visiting up to 30 tables a night with his “close up” magic, he has gotten very good!  This style is great for receptions, trade shows & informal parties. 

The M-A-G-I-C of Reading

Tom started his interest in magic by reading a magic book back in 6th grade; he shares his testimonial of how anyone can learn anything by reading.  This is a powerful message for the elementary school-age children by itself.  
Tom builds on this concept throughout the 45-minute program using his magic to demonstrate how important it is to be a good reader and to practice reading every day.  The tricks in this show involve:

  • Letters
  • Words
  • Reading
  • Studying
  • Following Directions

The show provides entertainment and encouragement for the students to become GREAT readers.  Once again, Tom makes learning fun!

Thank you for the wonderful shows you performed for our R.I.F. Program, “Discover the Magic of Reading,” here at Foothills Elementary School.  They were all completely mesmerized.  I was impressed with the way you incorporated books, letters, and words into magic to fit our theme perfectly.

I highly recommend your entertainment services to any establishment, as you are so versatile and accommodating to any theme.  Feel free to use me as a reference in your future endeavors.

Anita Decker

R.I.F. Chairperson, Foothills Elementary School

Lead Like Magic!

Designed for the middle school students, Tom discusses different attributes of a good leader.  He points out that we all have leadership opportunities at home, at school and in sports…and leaders are needed in every situation.  

In a humorous and fun show, he demonstrates that it’s not“magic” to be a good leader.  Throughout the 45-minute show Tom illustrates with his magic some key points that can help anyone to develop their abilities and personality to have great leadership potential.  Key points discussed in the show include:

  • The “Fearless Leader”
  • Risk Taking
  • Working Together
  • Motivating Other
  • Peer Pressure